Today’s blog posts are brought to you by  the letters A and R, and the number 2.

On July 1st, 2009, the first Angry Robot titles hit the shelves! Setting out our stall with the (now) internationally critically-acclaimed Moxyland (Lauren Beukes) and the (now) multi-award-winning Slights (Kaaron Warren), we immediately began to develop a reputation for publishing exciting books.

So, yes, we’ve reach the terrible twos! And we think that’s a cause for some celebration. Next week we’ll be running a competition with a couple of great prizes, but for now, here’s the first of a couple of new ways you can give us your money (because we know that’s what you really want).

This is the first of two blog posts today. We’ve been trailing these all week, and to be perfectly honest, we’re probably more excited about them than most of you ever will be, but hey – it’s our birthday! We can be a little self-indulgent on our birthday! 🙂


Angry Robot eBook Subscriptions!

Can I get a Hell, yeah!? We’ve had a bunch of folk asking for this, and quite a number of people have been ordering more-or-less everything from our own online eBook store already, so for those of you who want all our titles, you can now get them at a great discount!

For just £69 (that’s more than 1/3 off our usual price) you can get every new Angry Robot title for the next year! And because some of those titles will be books 2 or 3 in a series, we’re going to give you a hefty discount off anything in our backlist, too, so you can catch up on any series you’re particularly interested in!

Head on over to the Angry Robot eBook store and pick up your first two titles on subscription! (Hard Spell and Restoration).

Later today we’ll be telling you about our next cool venture.
You do keep us busy, you know – you’ll be wearing us out, soon!