There’s a great feature about South African science fiction over at The Guardian, today. Unsurprisingly, our very own Lauren Beukes features quite prominently, being described as having “heralded something of a coming of age for South African speculative fiction.”

It’s a good read, and well worth ten minutes of your time.

While we’re on the subject of Lauren, her quite brilliant Zoo City has just been reviewed over at the SciFi London website:

You see in this reader’s humble opinion it was the only one [of the Arthur C Clarke shortlisted books] with a genuine pull-you-along-for-the-ride decent story inside, a murder/mystery/thriller set against a sci-fi backdrop that compelled you to keep reading until you got to the end and found out what happened. Not the cleverest, funniest, best-written, smartest or most technologically interesting of the six, but by far and away the best story, and really, that’s what makes a great book.

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