Can we get a Hell, Yeah!

We are absolutely delighted, nay, thrilled, nay, ecstatic to announce that Zoo City by the incomparable Lauren Beukes, has won the 25th Arthur C Clarke Award.

At a star-studded ceremony at the Apollo in central London, Lauren picked up the award. As this post is being published while Lauren is still on stage, it’s a bit early to get her initial reactions and post photos, but you can hear an interview with her, and hear her read a snippet from the book at EscapePod (if it’s not there yet, check back in half an hour or so). There will also be an interview at going online, soon, as well as features at My Favourite Books and Floor to Ceiling Books and the World SF Blog.

Now, if you’ll excuse me, I have to be going – that champagne isn’t going to drink itself, you know…

Update with some more groovy links…
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• Here’s New Scientist‘s take.
• And the British Library are including Zoo City in this summer’s massive exhibition, Out of This World.