Well, the eleven grand total!

A few short weeks ago, Amanda Rutter from Floor To Ceiling Books wondered on Twitter: Isn’t there something the genre community can do to help the relief efforts in Japan? I’m guessing a few people wondered the same thing, but Amanda decided that wondering wasn’t enough, and to do something about it. She put together a crack team of volunteers and went about contacting authors, editors and publishers, and asked them to donate something for people to bid on in a charity auction.

Well, the community rallied around and came up with a rather wonderful set of items – editorial services, signed limited editions, the chance to appear in books, and much more. The auction opened a week ago, and ended at midnight last night. Thanks to the efforts of Amanda, her team, everyone who donated a lot, and everyone who bid on a lot, the auction raised £11,203.36 (US$18,075.77 according to the current exchange rate).

That is a fantastic sum, and all of it is to be donated to the Japan Tsunami Appeal, being run by the British Red Cross. With tax taken into account, that’s going to easily exceed the twenty thousand dollar mark.

You can see a list of everything that was donated, here.

So, thank you, Amanda Rutter, Ro Smith, Louise Morgan, Jenni Hill and Alasdair Stuart. This wouldn’t have happened without you.

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