Lavie Tidhar‘s fabulous debut novel – steampunk romp, The Bookman – continues to get rave reviews, a year after it was first published in the UK. There’s a wonderfully enthusiastic review over at Book Wins.

This has all the makings of an awesome read. And it is. If you like steampunk victorian england then this is a must read.

Also, this review of The Bookman recently popped up on GoodReads:

Confusing experience rating this one. I was about to give it a 5-star after the first 50-so pages but then, after reading more into it, I’m left without rating options. Seriously, this book made me reconsider all books read so far, because since I cannot rate it say a 7-star all rest have to be downgraded. Sorry for (most) of the rest of the authors, but Mr. Tidhar simply blew my mind. Well done!

Oh, yeah.

Meanwhile over at the always-excellent Salon Futura, Lavie talks with Jeff Vandermeer and Karin Lowachee about steampunk, and its setting.

And Lavie also won the Kudos Award at World In A Satin Bag for his brilliant work on the World SF Blog.

(Incidentally, Angry Robot won their Best Publisher Award, saying of us: They are what all traditional publishers should strive to be.  Right now, publishing is going through an insane transition period.  E-books are changing the way the business works, and old models are crumbling.  Angry Robot Books, I’d like to think, is the answer.)


  1. Hi Benni,

    They’re set in the same world, but can be read perfectly well as standalone novels.


  2. Just curious–are The Bookman and Camera Obscura related books, or will I be able to read Camera Obscura by itself?

  3. In case you missed it because it was a paper publication rather than electronic one(yes I am a Luddite), Gardner Dozois (yes that Gardner Dozois) has several nice things to say about Mr. Tidhar in the November 2010 issue of Locus Magazine (p.15).

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