from the awesome Julian Smith:


  1. I have now wasted time three times by watching this video. I think all bibliophiles can relate to it. I personally loved “I’m at the library where they call me a crook / I never even pay for my library books” and “Now I got to find out what happens to Captain Hook.” Oh, so true, so true! Thanks (and drat you) Angry Robot.

  2. That is truly awesome. Truly!! Even worse, however, is Dontcha ever interrupt me when I’m writing a book…. all work and no play, etc.

  3. Had a similar though: A pile of books falling out of the sky…and smothering him

  4. Love it – but I was expecting someone to take out that piper with a grenade launcher 🙂

  5. lmao. Brilliant and I know the feeling.

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