Back in the spring of last year Angry Robot started a new love affair. We’d had a great time with our previous beau, but this time – with Osprey – we knew we’d found “the one”, and we were happy to go all the way with this fantastic niche publisher.

And now, a little under nine months later, we’re delighted to announce the pitter-patter of tiny feet.

Effective immediately, Mike Ramalho will be Angry Robot’s Marketing Manager. As well as overseeing Osprey’s superb marketing department, Mike will have direct responsibility for Angry Robot.

In his own words:

For months after Angry Robot became part of the Osprey Group I was a little bit jealous of Marc and Lee.

Scratch that. I was a lot jealous. I wanted in!

But they seemed to be superhuman publishing mega-machines – doing a huge amount of work whilst barely breaking a sweat (I have my suspicions about this – my current theory involves life-like androids fueled by Dr Pepper). Luckily for me, I was not the only one who thought that Angry Robot were awesome. A hugely successful launch in the US has left Marc and Lee with too much to do (shortage of Dr Pepper due to outrageous snowfall in Nottingham?) and when they asked for a spot of help I leapt at the chance.

Now they are stuck with me.

And I can’t wait!

We’re chuffed to bits, too! Mike can be found on Twitter as @Mike_Ramalho