What the headline says, really – see that number grid just to the right? That’s our Advent Calendar, and we have some treats in store for you every day from December 1st, right the way through to Christmas Eve – original short fiction, comic strips, recipes, photos, features…

We really are too good to you, you know, but we think you’re worth it!

Come back on Wednesday for the first treat!


(If you’re reading this blog entry after December, 2010, it’s not going to make much sense as the Advent Calendar image will have been removed. Unless you’re reading this in a post-2010 December (assuming we’ve done something similar), in which case – whoa! coincidence, or what!)


  1. Heike Harding-Reyland

    I love this advent calendar. It’s the best one I’ve got – who cares about chocolate when you can have so much fun stuff. Thank you all you angry robots!

  2. I looked at it and wondered why the 10th and 11th were crossed off before I worked it out.

  3. Nice attempt at future-proofing, Lee…

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