As part of getting to know our authors when we first sign them, we ask them a sprinkling of questions. Here’s Rob King‘s reply to…

Do you remember the first real story you ever told?

“Aslan vs Caplaner” was the first story I told on paper, but there were a lot of stories (lies) told orally. When I was five, I came home from kindergarten and got my brother’s hamster, Herman (named after Herman Munster), from his cage. I put the little guy in my sock drawer and got changed out of my school clothes. When I reached into the sock drawer to get him, Herman was dead. I put him back in the cage and had to wait with dread as my older brother came home and checked in with his pet. “Her-man? Her-man? How you doing, little buddy? What’s wrong Herman? How come you’re not moving?…” I didn’t tell my brother of my involvement in the death until we were in the parking lot after buying Herman II. Then my brother punched me.

When I was about eleven, I convinced the 9 year-old next door neighbors that I had magical powers. I did so by “sensing” things under the ground: “It feels like – what? A backhoe? That’s crazy! A backhoe’s too big. Still, we’ll have to dig to find out!” And it was a backhoe – a toy that I’d buried a year before because I was sick of finding it in my yard.

When I was thirteen, I wasn’t sure how to talk to girls in my junior high, so I thought I should just jump to proposing. I proposed to Karen Baker in Home Economics – and was delighted when she accepted. I then proposed to Michelle Desmitt in Algebra and a few others in other classes. Soon, I had many wives and was feeling grand – until they found out about each other and decided to divorce me.

Angel of Death is out now.

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  1. I always suspected that socks and hamsters were mortal enemies. Now I know.

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