Oh, we’re good to you, we really are. No, no – it’s ok, just buy us a pint when you see us. Here are a couple of new sample chapters from our next books. … wait, what are we saying? Couple of chapters? Hardly! Here, magnificently, are the first 50 pages of each book, for free, nothing, nada, zilch.

Click for full-screen. You can embed the free sample in your own site – just copy the code (by clicking on the “menu” button in the bottom right corner of the sample, and selecting “Copy embed code”) into your site.

First of all, Pretty Little Dead Things by Gary McMahon:

and now Amortals by Matt Forbeck:

and if your eyes are tired, and you’re too weary to read, how about listening to the dulcet tones of the author, Matt Forbeck, as he lulls you with the first exciting chapter of Amortals:

Both titles are published in the UK on November 4th, and in the US and Canada on December 28th.

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