There’s a great interview with Aliette de Bodard at today.

I have a trunk, and it is full of stories that will probably never see the light of day. A lot of them are pretty much broken, to the point where they’d require a complete rewrite if they were to work. The poster child for those is my big fat epic fantasy novel, Phoenix Rising, which is full of embarrassing mistakes I don’t make any more, has a plot shot more full of holes than a colander, and characters who were always on the bad side of annoying.

Read it here.

And there’s a rather nice review of The Bookman by Lavie Tidhar over at

In The Bookman, Tidhar has created a wonderfully clever world, relying either on a house full of Victorian-era books or a heavily stamped library card and late fees. Either way, many of Tidhar’s creations are fantastic, a standout being the simulacra of Lord Byron, a robot designed to recall the great Romantic poet. With a sigh he will admit that he doesn’t have the original Byron’s love of poetry.

Read the full account here.

SFX has opened the voting for the SFX SciFi Awards 2011, and one of the books listed in the Best Novel category is Zoo City by Lauren Beukes. SFX called her “irritatingly talented, and Publishers Weekly said that Zoo City is “almost single-handedly pulling the ‘urban fantasy’ subgenre back to its groundbreaking roots”.

If you’re in the UK, you can pick up a copy at your local bookstore, or order it online. The eBook is also available from (and you can buy it wherever you are).

If you love it as much as SFX, Publishers Weekly and William Gibson, you can vote for it here. If you didn’t, well, you can’t have read it, yet. 🙂

And finally (for now) BIG NEWS for those of you who love steampunk artwork. But you can’t read it here until tomorrow – so head on over to Jeff Vandermeer’s blog if you want to read it today.

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