New Australian author Jo Anderton has signed to Angry Robot for at least two novels in her Veiled Worlds series. The worldwide deal, covering physical books and eBooks, was done by agent Anni Haig-Smith and Angry Robot’s publishing director, Marc Gascoigne. Debris will be published in the autumn of 2011, with direct sequel Suited scheduled to follow in early-to-mid 2012.

Series opener Debris introduces us to Tanyana, leader of a matter-manipulating team. Following an accident, she’s dismayed to be demoted to little more than a garbage collector, but it soon becomes obvious she’s been manipulated into that role by the faceless faction she calls the Puppet Men, to uncover a world-shattering secret.

That man Marc Gascoigne said, “With the ever-increasing popularity of Japanese and Korean anime, manga and computer games, it’s been surprising that there hasn’t been more SF and fantasy showing its influence. Debris’s mix of SF and fantasy themes, exotic future-medieval settings, Dune-esque warring factions, and a fabulous kick-ass heroine is exactly the sort of on-trend science fiction Angry Robot was set up to publish. We’re damned pleased to have Jo on board.”

Jo added, “I’ve been reading Angry Robot books since their first giant, metallic steps and absolutely loving them. Debris started out as an idea about a magical version of the industrial revolution and a scarred garbage collector who saves the world, but still has to pay her rent. Add a few motley companions, a pinch of probably-misinterpreted quantum physics, and far too much time spent in front of various Final Fantasy video games. I’m thrilled my books have found a home at Angry Robot.”

Twitter: @joanneanderton


  1. Jo let me read a manuscript of Debris. It’s the best SF book I’ve read all year! Congratulations, Jo! I can’t wait to see it published!

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  3. Looking forward to this coming out. Congratulations Jo.

  4. * Blush *

    Not really. It’s our job, sir.

  5. I wanna read it now!!! Well done, Angry Robot, on spotting a great new author.

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  7. Thanks everyone! It’s wonderful to be here 🙂 And you guys have made me feel right at home.

  8. Great necklace!

  9. Its a fabulous book, unique and riveting

  10. Congratulations! It sounds like a book I want to read!

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  12. Welcome to the party, Jo. Glad you could join us.

  13. So thrilled to hear the news, Jo. Well deserved!

  14. Welcome aboard, Jo! They’re not a bad bunch once you get used to them!

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