A nice mini-review of Edge by Thomas Blackthorne (aka John Meaney) at Aleksandra’s Corner:

I liked the characters & the storyline. I’m definitely looking forward to the sequel Point.
4.5 of 5

Edge is out in the US and Canada next Tuesday (28th). Wow! Are we already into another month? Time goes so quickly when you’re publishing books as great as this!

And what a review of Soul Stealers by Andy Remic (UK 7th Oct, US/Canada 26th Oct) over at Fantasy Book Critic:

Andy Remic has to be given credit for his unflinching style which is certainly not for everyone. The action and gore levels are increased , while the characters are all tested and reveal more about themselves… The action and snappy dialogue are all here. This book delivers exactly what its predecessor promised: the ability to bewitch the reader and to turn your expectations upside down.

Oh, yeah…

And for all you horror fans out there, here’s a great interview with Gary McMahon – author of the superb Pretty Little Dead Things (UK 4th Nov, US/Canada 28th Dec).

I’m very obsessive, especially when it comes to writing. I take only two things seriously in this life: the people I love and my writing. Everything else is bullshit. People are always telling me that I’m prolific, but to me it’s just a case of fitting in the writing whenever I can – and if that means hammering away at the keyboard during my lunch break at work and then again every fucking night into the small hours, then so be it. I mean, what’s the alternative? Not writing? Watching Reality TV or soap operas? No thanks; I love doing this, and it keeps me sane.

Source: Fatally-Yours.com

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