This will be our last blog entry of the day – we think you deserve a rest.

Today (as you will have gathered by now) we launched in the US and Canada. Our books are being carried by many bookshops (chains and independents), but in Barnes and Noble for the next three months our titles will be presented in freestanding Angry Robot displays.

Which is cool.

We’d quite like to see these displays, but we’re thousands of miles away. {sad face} So, we’d like to see some photos of them! {happy face}

What we’d like you to do is to take a photograph of you, holding one of our books, standing next to one of our displays in a Barnes and Noble. It’s probably a good idea to get permission from the store before you start taking snaps, though.

Send your photo to us at: INCOMING @ ANGRYROBOTBOOKS.COM

We’ll blog some of our favourite photos (so by entering you’re giving us permission to use the photo in this way). And one lucky winner will receive some random Angry Robot stuff from the Angry Robot Cupboard of Win. We’ll get one of our authors to choose the outright winner, so we don’t get the blame.

Competition closes midnight Saturday 4th September. No purchase necessary to enter (though we’d obviously like you to).