There are many tools available to modern writers – tools that help with ideas, construction, filing. Angry Robot author Mike Shevdon has been trialling many of them, and posting his thoughts on his site.

There’re some really interesting insights here, and if you’re in the business of writing, it’s well worth a read.

Tools for Writing – part 1 – Microsoft Word
Is MS Word good enough for the writing of a full-length novel?

Tools for Writing – part 2 – Rough Draft 3.0
What about dedicated novel-writing software?

Before You Hit Save – a question of file formats
And how best should you save your work once written?

Tools for Writing – part 3 – Jer’s Novel Writer
Another piece of novel-writing software under the Mike-roscope (sorry).

Tools for Writing – part 4 – Scrivener
One of the best-known pieces of writing software for the Mac.

Tools for Writing – part 5 – FreeMind
And a piece of software to help organise your thoughts and ideas.

Mike’s site is worth a regular visit, and can be found at