Well, what a marvellous event that was. Saturday’s Alt.Fiction festival was a hymn to the good and the great in genre writing. As previously mentioned, Angry Robot was very present there, with both Robot Overlords in attendance, along with seven of our authors.

It was a great opportunity to catch up with our authors, and with friends from all over the SF spectrum – both new and old –  including Amanda Rutter (Floor to Ceiling Books), Adele Harrison and Vincent Holland-Keen (Un:Bound), Adam Christopher, John Berlyne, Paul Cornell, Gollancz’s Jon Weir, the BFS regulars  – Martin, Jenny, Tim, Mark, Sarah, Rob – and, of course, Catherine Rogers (from Writing East Midlands) and her team, for putting together such a great event!*

If you didn’t manage to attend, you may be interested to know that many podcasts were recorded at the event, and many of the panels, too – these are to be broadcast from the Alt.Fiction website every week from next Monday. You may have missed the fun, but you can catch up with some of the many and varied opinions from the guests.

And as for next year? Well, we’re already looking forward to it – and it’ll go in our diaries as soon as the date is announced!


* and many, many more of you, of course – namechecking everyone would be very time-consuming, and we have books to make! 🙂


  1. Thanks both of you for your excellent participation in the podcasts and to Guy for some well timed heckling from the audience of another. 😉
    Was a great event.

  2. Marco additionally namechecks: all AR authors and associated partners and beloveds where applicable; Mrs & Mr Liam Sharp; Lord Watson the All-Knowing, aka the Jiminy Cricket of SF; ace panellists Graham Joyce, Ramsey Campbell, Juliet E McKenna and Pete Crowther for surrendering to my first attempt at modding; my podcast pals; and everyone who wished they didn’t know me. — Marco

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