It’s no secret that we’re big fans of good genre events, and Derby’s Alt.Fiction is a very good genre event! Both Marco and I will be there, spouting our own brand of insanity on panels and podcasts, and quite a few of our authors will be around, too! Some attending as guests and panelists, some there just for fun!

Come along and say “Hi.”
Or even better, say “Hi – here’s a drink I just bought for you out of my own money.”

Here’s the low-down:

Alt.Fiction – Derby’s Festival of Horror, Fantasy and Sci-fi
Saturday 12th June, early until very late.

Derby’s festival for genre fiction is a one-day event focusing on science-fiction, fantasy and horror and features some of the top authors in the field such as Paul Cornell, Ramsey Campbell, Robert Shearman, Steven Erikson, Mike Carey and many others.

The day is made up of a number of different types of sessions, including author talks, Q&A sessions, discussion panels, readings and workshops. There will be plenty of opportunity to get books signed by attending authors, and many publishers have donated books so you can pick up some impressive freebies, as well! There will also be a number of editors and publishers in attendance, including Angry Robot Books, Gollancz, Solaris, Abaddon and BBC Books, while genre agents John Berlyne and John Jarrold will also be sharing their considerable experience.

For tickets and further information visit the website at

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  1. This is going ot be such an excellent event, can’t wait!!

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