You may have noticed that we at Angry Robot have recently been a little quieter and more disorganised than usual. This can now all be explained: today, we’re announcing that Angry Robot has left HarperCollins UK, and is now a part of Osprey Publishing Group.

At the same time as we’re posting this news, we’re sending out a formal press release, as is traditional. But we thought you may have further questions, so here are a few notes, by way of an FAQ kind of thingie…

New release schedule
Angry Robot’s publishing programme will suffer a slight delay as a result of this change. Our next new releases will be in stores in September of this year (which sounds a long way away but is only Four. Flipping. Months. (Eek!).

In the US and Canada, where as part of Osprey we become a distributed client of the mighty Random House, we’re working hard to rearrange our North American launch too. Apologies to everyone who was hoping for our books to be launched this month, which has obviously not happened. As soon as we have firm dates for all our titles hitting stores in the US and Canada you’ll see them right here.

All of our announced titles will be appearing, with one exception: Kylie Chan’s fine Dark Heavens trilogy will remain with HarperCollins. Meanwhile, we’re back in the market for new titles, and will have some news of several new signings soon as the ink’s dry on those contracts.

Who are this Osprey lot then?
A medium-sized British independent publisher, who have won awards for their specialist publishing in recent years. Best known for military history non-fiction, they have also produced guides for collectors, graphic novels, games, eBook editions and iPhone apps. Most importantly for us, they understand how to publish for and service the needs of niche areas of publishing, where customers are enthusiasts and hobbyists. In the UK they are distributed by Grantham Book Services, one of the nation’s largest distributors; in the US and Canada, as mentioned, they are a distributed client of Random House. No worries about getting our books into the stores, then.

What about existing British releases?
Titles released so far will remain in stock for a while, but as existing copies get sold through it’s possible that some books will slip out of print. Our intention is where possible to bring books back into print alongside new books by that author, as we release them. Meanwhile, we’re working hard to ensure eBook editions of all existing AR titles will return to the market by early July. We’ll also be selling these direct from the AR website for the first time, huzzah!

Any changes to Angry Robot’s team and infrastructure?
Not as far as people are concerned – despite my best efforts, Lee Harris and I remain Angry Robot’s core team, and we’ll continue to work from our secret lair deep in the heart of Nottingham. We are in the process of changing secret lairs though – to somewhere larger and plusher, as it happens; more room for the snake pit, that sort of thing – so we’ll have to give you our new address and landline numbers next week when we’re all sorted. In the meantime, you can always contact us via this website’s contact form (preferred), or on Twitter, or email us directly using the format [firstname].[surname] or incoming [at]

While we’re on, a massive thank you to those people who’ve helped us behind the scenes as we’ve sorted this transition over the last seven weeks or so. Extra big-ups to Caroline, Pete and the merry crew at HarperCollins; to the various agents and authors for their patience and support; and especially to our new colleagues in the burgeoning Osprey empire. Couldn’t have got through this without your support.

Right, that’s enough distractions. Now back to the important business of making a ton more kick-ass books for you to enjoy. See you on the shelves.
—— Marc Gascoigne, Publishing Director, Angry Robot Limited