Oh, good morning! I hope you’ve enjoyed a pleasant weekend.

In order to give your week a positive start, here are some sample chapters from our February titles (all out on 4th February in the UK, later in the year for the US and Canada).

We will be offering free sample chapters of all of our titles prior to release, and to show you just how much we love you.

All rights reserved.
However, feel free to share these sample chapters with anyone you wish, or to post them on your own site. And if you like them, buy Guy’s, Thomas’ and/or Kaaron’s book(s).

Please note that the formatting will vary from that of the final commercial product.

pdficon_large The World House by Guy Adams

pdficon_large Edge by Thomas Blackthorne (aka John Meaney)

pdficon_large Walking the Tree by Kaaron Warren

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  1. In Walking the Tree, Kaaron Warren has created a hauntingly beautiful setting as much through her prose style as any piece of description. I’m intrigued by what her characters think–and what they are forbidden to think–about their island tree. The book can’t come soon enough, in my opinion, and the fact that it has an e-book follow-up is terrific.

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