moxyyland-front-72dpi-actualYou know Paul Cornell – as well as one of the best writers of Doctor Who, as well as one of Marvel’s more interesting scribes, and as well as being one of the nicest chaps in a profession replete with thoroughly nice people, he’s also a big genre fan, and absolutely devours genre TV, film and literature.

Over at his website today he has named Moxyland (by Lauren Beukes) as one of his Best 3 Reads of 2009:

We cut between four characters from different social strata, all of whom are playing the game, and here comes the great unremembered point of cyberpunk, they’re all rather enjoying the dystopia, the Funky Catastrophe, until very bad things happen… I recommend it highly.

Read the rest of Paul’s Top 3 (which includes one Hugo-nominated novel, and another that should have been) over at his blog, and congratulations again to Lauren!

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