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In UK stores 1 July 2009

A great review of Slights by the ever-talented Kaaron Warren over at AS If

At its dark heart, this is a novel about families and how they function, or fail to function, after tragedy. Stevie is the broken child who’s never allowed or forced to grow up, skimming through her adult life and relationships without ever really interacting with them, trying to find meaning in the one constant in her world, death.

nekropolis-rough30cm-72dpiFor those of you (and there are many) who enjoyed Tim Waggoner‘s zombie PI tale, Nekropolis, you don’t have to wait until book 2 (Dead Streets) is out to get your next Matt Richter fix. Tim’s written a Matt Richter short story, which appears in the new anthology, Spells of the City.

Meanwhile, over at Punk Talk, (the blog of genre writer Jeffrey Thomas) Andy Remic talks about his writing career and his plans for the future.

Remic-webAlthough originally I did start writing fantasy before I wrote SF, and was (and still am) deeply inspired by the fantasy works of David Gemmell. I’ve also brought along my thriller writing action skills to the writing of fantasy, so instead of bumbling along for 200 pages describing the dull politics of a dull-ass world, Kell’s Legend kicks off into action and is a fantasy rollercoaster ride! Great fun to write!! Hopefully, it’s great fun to read!

ServantUnderworld-front-72dThe-Bookman-front-72dpiMeanwhile, don’t forget that every day this week you’ve been able to read the opening 5 chapters or so of Aliette de Bodard‘s Servant of the Underworld and Lavie Tidhar‘s The Bookman over at My Favourite Books and SF Signal, respectively.

Triumff-front-72dpiAnd finally, for those of you who haven’t yet decided to go out and get Triumff: Her Majesty’s Hero by the incomparable Dan Abnett, pop over to Shadow Writer (horror writer Paul Kane’s blog) where you can read a free extract.

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