hublogoThis week’s Hub Magazine (issue 104) is an Angry Robot Special, featuring reviews of all our books to date, along with a short story from Angry Robot author, Colin Harvey.

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Everyone reckons them kids ran off. I can’t tell no-one the truth, ‘cause they’d think I’m as barmy as Gramps.

We call him Gramps though he’s really my Great-Grandpa. He’s outlived his kids, so Ma took him in rather than put him in a home. Just as well Gramps already had kids when the war kicked off, ‘cause he was naff-all use for fathering ‘em afterwards.

His head’s flatter on one side where a German shell or bomb took half his brain away, and if you can get two minutes conversation out of him before he forgets where he is, it’s a good day. But he remembers Dunkirk like it was last week.

On the rare times we’re on the same planet he says kids have no respect, but that’s untrue. We admire them as earns it, but just ‘cause someone’s lived to eighty or ninety, doesn’t make them special. Just that they’re coffin-dodgers.

From “A Little Respect” by Colin Harvey

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