Ms AlietteOver at SF Signal (one of the best online resources for all things SF), they’ve just interviewed Aliette de Bodard.

You’ll know Aliette’s name from the countless number of short stories she has had published the world over in pretty much every magazine or book of note. She also missed out on winning the Campbell Award at the Hugos this year by just three votes, having been nominated on the basis of her short story work.

Her first novel – Servant of the Underworld – is available from Angry Robot this coming January in the UK and Australia, and everywhere else from the spring.

I’m a novel writer at heart: my love of novels is what started me writing, and I’m always more comfortable with novels than with short stories. With short stories, I’m always struggling with length: my strengths, at least as I see them, are worldbuilding and characters, two things which really play out better when you have more space.

Read the whole interview here.

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