robotworldHere are a bunch of links related to Angry Robot stuff we’ve gathered over the last couple of days. Grab a chocolate chip cookie and enjoy…

SF Signal Mind Meld on memorable SF/F book covers (with Lee Harris plus assorted better company)

Mike Shevdon tells us about the Knights Templar in his latest blog post.

Review of Triumff: Her Majesty’s Hero at PornoKitsch

the book had me chuckling from start to finish in a way that Terry Pratchett hasn’t succeeded in doing for a decade.

An interview with Lauren Beukes at Frightening Journeys

We’re a country in the process of becoming. Becoming quite what, I don’t know, but I hope to hell it’s not Moxyland. I think foreign readers will find the strangeness appeals, the uncomfortable mix of first world and third world. It’s a place we haven’t seen represented that often in science fiction (District 9 aside).

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