Lauren Beukes pointed us at this – a pill-sized robot that you swallow, and which then rummages around inside your bottom. Apparently it’s for medical purposes, but what’s the bet that Ann Summers will be stocking a variant in a year or two?

Talking of Ann Summers, Angry Robot’s own Andy Remic was recently interviewed over at Fantasy Book Critic. Bloody good interview, too!

I love weapons of war. I love conflict. My book is about a big ****-off axe man with a big ****-off axe.

So now you know!


  1. If you have this kind of robot at any future parties, I will not be attending. Thank you.

  2. I hate when an editor crawls up my ass. This looks like it will be much more pleasant for all involved.

  3. Sometimes robots are their own worst enema. *

    (* I totally nicked that from one of my Twitter followers, @mattduplessis)

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