Colin HarveyIt’s Monday morning, and in the AR bunker there’s another raft of rave reviews to catch up on. For starters, the lovely Eric Brown in The Guardian said this about Winter Song by Colin Harvey:

“Harvey paints a grimly convincing portrait of a subsistence existence on the inhospitable world. Harvey’s… novel depicts a fascinating universe of want and plenitude, to which he will hopefully return in future novels.”

[We would link to the whole thing, really we would, but for some reason The Guardian haven’t posted Eric’s most recent review column.]

Rob King ahoy!J Robert King‘s Angel of Death has been attracting the sort of initial word-of-mouth that accompanied Slights – in other words, a coterie of previously unsuspecting readers gasping and blurting the local equivalent of “Ho-lyyy fuck!” Take this, just in from

“Angel of Death had me turning the pages with a sense of terrified fascination. This is the first of King’s books that I’ve encountered, and his strong prose and stark characterizations have me firmly hooked and looking for more of his work. Angel of Death will take you into the darkest corners of the human mind and heart – plus have you struggling to define what separates humans from monsters.”

Remic-webAnd Mr Remic, when not beavering away on the next Kell’s Legend film (are you as scared as we are?) and finalising the sequel, Soul Stealers, is picking up notices like this, from Fantasy & SciFi Lovin’:

“Violent is really not the right word for this spare-no-detail fantasy monstrosity. Insane? Maybe. Really, the only way to describe Remic’s Kell’s Legend is with a phrase: a bloody, violent, fantastic journey through carnage, terror, and a downright epic tale that makes Underworld and every zombie movie look bad… Remic is the Tarantino of fantasy, and if that isn’t a compliment, then I don’t know what is.”

Lord ShevdonOh, and check out the latest issue of Writing Magazine (November cover date), in which our own, our very own Mike Shevdon, author of next month’s superb urban fantasy Sixty-One Nails, is interviewed. All good newsagents, etc.

Many more reviews rounded-up soon. And brace yourselves London – the Forbidden Planet launch event is on target for this coming Saturday, October 10th. It all kicks off at 12.30. Oh yeah.

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