Andy Remic at the Angry Robot launch event
Andy Remic at the Angry Robot launch event

On Saturday we held our official UK launch at the Forbidden Planet Megastore in London. Marc Gascoigne and myself were joined by a bunch important people (Angry Robot authors), a bunch of other important people (Liz and Mark from My Favourite Books – watch out for an exclusive Angry Robot competition on their site, soon), a whole host of Angry Robot friends and supporters, and (of course) the book-buying public!

It was the first time I had been to this branch of Forbidden Planet (I live oop north) and I am so glad I didn’t bring all my credit cards with me! What a fantastic selection of graphic novels and books! I could have spend thousands, there. Well, if I had thousands…

So, a huge thanks to everyone listed above who attended, and an even bigger thanks to Nick from who not only recorded the event, and conducted a series of interviews with some of those present, but who also took the time and effort to craft it into a smart little video, which is presented below.


  1. George, the music is from a band called 137 its from the Podsafe Music network and was recommended to me by a friend on twitter ( the only real friends im allowed ) . It felt appropriate for the Content . Thanks for all the comments and the lucidity.

  2. God, this day nearly killed me!! The vertigo! The agony! It was nice to meet everyone, but sorry if I was dazed and confused, it was the tablets I was on. All best, Andy.

  3. Not this time, kid. That was pure Nik @ loudmouthman. Quite crunchy tho, n’est-ce pas?

  4. Was Marc responsible for the musical accompaniment, perchance?

  5. Sorry I couldn’t make it down, I had a resurgence in the cold that has been devilling me the last couple of weeks. Figured folks would not appreciate been coughed and sneezed over…

    Looks like fun was had by all. Hopfully next time.

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