Triumff: Her Majesty's Hero. Oh yes.Christmas comes a little early today. Well, it came this week, because as usual some of our lovely bookstores have been sticking them on shelves the moment they got them, and who can blame them when the books are as desirable as these, mm?

In the fantasy corner, TRIUMFF: HER MAJESTY’S HERO by that outstanding gentleman and wit, Dan Abnett esq. How the hell to describe this one… get ready for lots of hand-gestures, I think. It’s set today (OK, the year 2010). Queen Elizabeth XXX is on the throne, and Elizabethan culture still rules England. Alchemy powers a progressive nation, but people still duel with swords. Oh, how they duel. Mr Abnett is soooo good with a swordfight. As for the jokes, the puns, the footnotes, the outraegous satires of modern mores… oh my.

Dan’s been asking some of his regular website visitors to read and preview Triumff – read their individual takes on his blog. Watch out though, neologism haterz – looks like Triumff is a masterpiece of “clockpunk”! Hem hem.

Winter Song. Two for two! Oh, and someone we know had this to say about it… “Triumff contains the three things I love most in fantasy: awesome magic, thrilling adventure, a truly original world and some really dreadful puns.” No, thank you, Ms Trudi Canavan.

And over with the spaceships, the super cool WINTER SONG by that man Colin Harvey. A perfect read for those evenings in front of the fire, curled up in your favourite armchair while being whisked off to the other side of the galaxy. This isn’t your usual “escape the alien planet” SF potboiler. Instead, expect a thoughtful yet exciting exploration of both the harsh landscape and the equally harsh humans have had to do to survive on said planet. This one, we think, will be the one where in a few months’ time we look back, count all the favourable reviews, and smile to ourselves, knowing we did good. Whatever, check it out.

And next month, Sixty-One Nails, for robots’ sake. Yow! We are on a roll!