Ok, I’ve been away for a week, sunning myself on the sunny Greek island of Zakynthos. Typically, for a parent I spent far too much time ensuring the kids were fine, and far too little time remembering to reapply my own suncream. Still – it was a good way to point out to my 5-year-old (who hates having the stuff applied) what you’ll look like if you don’t let Mummy or Daddy put your suncream on. The screams under the lukewarm shower at the end of the day were partly to underline the message, you understand.

kindleAnyway, a week away, and it appears that not only have the worlds of SF and publishing managed perfectly well without me, they’ve actually gone and done interesting things while I was away – almost as if they were waiting for confirmation of my flight having left before coming out of hiding and making announcements.

First of all, news that Amazon are about to launch an “international” versionof their Kindle for $279.99. You still have to buy it from the US store at the moment (which means with import duty and carriage, it’s closer to $350) and the somewhat unusual news that all Kindle titles purchased from countries other than the US will have a $1.99 premium added to them. We’ll hear more of that in the coming weeks, no doubt, but hoorah for the announcement (you can pre-order now and shipping begins on19th October).

What next? Well, sticking with the eBook theme, Angry Robot’s first few titles have finally made it into eBook format. They can currently be ordered from just one outlet (the impressive Waterstones.co.uk), but this will change over the coming months. I’ll write a fuller post about this, shortly, but now you can own an Angry Robot book for just £3! (about US$5) That’s gotta be good news!

The old "could be any old show if you change the wording" logo
The old "could be any old show if you change the wording" logo

And finally, that logo! Doctor Who has changed it’s imagery for the new series starring Matt Smith.

The out-going logo got a bit of stick from fans, but most people came to accept it, now the same logo-wars are cropping up again, with former critics of the old logo now defending it to the hilt, while denouncing the new one. Personally? Not fussed either way. It’s a new logo – of course it’ll take some getting used to (as will the new Doctor). I find the furore amusing to read, but what it shows is a passion for the show – a passion for the genre, and that’s something we understand at Angry Robot Mansions.
The new "definitely Who" logo
The new "definitely Who" logo


  1. On behalf of all Americans, I’d like to apologize for the premium added to Kindle ebooks sold outside the U.S. I will talk with Jeff Bezos about this.

    On behalf of all Americans, I’d like somebody to apologize to me that we have to wait a year to see the new Doctor Who. Marco, could you talk to Steven Moffat about this?

  2. Welcome back, mateY! That’ll teach you to go off sunning yourself, while the rest of us are down t’pit.

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