Hit the road, DanLord Abnett of Sandling and his retinue of disreputable jugglers, trollops and assorted scoundrels hits the road this weekend for a brief tour of Scottish climes. The tour was sorted out by our chums over at Games Workshop’s Black Library so most of them will see our Dan scribbling “The Emperor Protects” and similarly stirring epithets over well-licked copies of Horus Rising and the Ravenor Omnibus – and especially Dan’s fabulous new Gaunt’s Ghosts novel Blood Pact. The full list of venues is on that natty tour poster – click to enlarge it and read all the details.

On Saturday lunchtime, as part of his tour Dan will also be signing at Waterstone’s, Edinburgh West End, between 1 and 2pm. See if his signing hand holds up and discover if he can still resist the temptation to spoonerise “Vivat Regina” as he scribbles it across your pristine copy of Triumff: Her Majesty’s Hero. And yes, why not – a photo of the most outrageous item, creature or body part signed by Dan and posted online/Twittered will win something tawdry courtesy your chums at Angry Robot.

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