Aliette, gentille AlietteCome on, you know what IROSF means – the Internet Review of Science Fiction of course, a fabulous website full of deep thoughts on our beloved genre and beyond. And yeah, they are extra-fabulous today because they’ve got a couple of Angry Robot-friendly posts for you to check out.

Check out the detailed interview with the awesome Aliette de Bodard. Her alternate-Aztec-fantasy-crime novel Servant of the Underworld (we are all over this crossover stuff) is published by us in January 2010. Get more background on her novel, and find out just why we are wriggling in excitement and aniticipation at being able to bring her many talents to a wider audience.

And even more recently, check out The Coming Dark, a great roundtable on apocalyptic imagery in Australian speculative fiction, involving the delightful Kaaron Warren. Any feature that ends in these words is well worth a read: “We can only suggest you apply some very strong sun block and prepare to welcome our Puffin Overlords.” (Also, why isn’t there a smiley suggesting that one has just spat coffee over one’s keyboard?)

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