All good bookstores, nowAs well as all the attention that Dan Abnett’s Triumff: Her Majesty’s Hero is (deservedly) getting as it hits the shelves across the UK and Australia, there’s another great Angry Robot book out there this month. Winter Song by Colin Harvey takes a familiar hard science fiction theme – a sophisticated space traveller crashes on an apparently backward planet – and brings it to vibrant, affecting life … through the cunning trick of portraying all of its characters as properly rounded individuals.

And the reviewers seem to agree. Here’s Walker of Worlds for starters:

“An entertaining read in an unforgiving environment. Following Karl Allman as he crash lands on a forgotten and primitive colony world where the terraforming looks like it’s going backwards, Winter Song is a novel that has more than a few surprises up its sleeve. I was expecting to walk into this with a more typical human vs. alien world theme where there were many strange and wonderful creatures. What I got was a story focused on human characters who developed and grew with each situation they face. If you enjoy a character-driven, intelligent and thoughtful novel then Winter Song is one you should be picking up. Highly recommended. 8/10”

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