Picture 1Not content with being the superlative wordsmith behind such upcoming Angry Robot titles as Vegas Knights and Amortals, the deeply talented Matt Forbeck has just revealed that he has another string to his bow. Just going into US toy stores, from Playmates Toys, is this incredible Star Trek utility belt… which has among its many features a whole bunch of electronically-controlled missions for those wearing it. And you can guess which superstar did all the logic design and scripting on it.

Pop over to Matt’s blog to get the full lowdown on just how smart Matt has actually been in helping design this thing, and marvel at just damn better toys are these days, wasted on the little brats, etc etc.

[Pssst, Matt, I… I, um, well… I don’t don’t suppose they come in Dad sizes too?]


  1. I’ve been searching high and low for these in Greece, but no luck so far – don’t suppose you could furnish the AR office with a couple, Matt…?

  2. Sadly, no, Marco. Unless you come in at a trim 28″ waist (which I know I don’t!). However, it shouldn’t be too hard to rig up a strip of some space-age material to extend it.

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