angelofdeath-front-72dpi-actual1Angel of Death is a special book – it’s a book that grabs you, drags you in, and doesn’t let go until it’s had its wicked way with you. And it doesn’t buy you dinner, first!

We’ve had the first couple of reviews in, and boy, do they agree! J Robert King has done an astonishing job with this book!

Gillian Pollack tells us:

Angel of Death and Kaaron Warren’s Slights are my best reads of the year… don’t pick it up when you’re supposed to be doing other things. It’s after midnight and those dishes are still unwashed and those papers are still unsorted. I don’t know whether to blame J Robert King for writing Angel of Death or Angry Robot for publishing the book.

She says a whole lot more, but she loves the book! So do we. Check out the rest of her review, here.

Meanwhile, over at, we learn that:

There are a few notable times a novel has imprinted itself deeply on my mind, gaining an insight in difficult subject matter. The very rare occasions I can recall include “The incident of the dog at night-time” and “Lucky Man”, it doesn’t happen very often. This novel has now been added to that list as it sucks you inside the mind of a serial killer, as close as you ever really want to get to one.

Pop along to their excellent website to read the rest of the review, then go buy the book! Honestly – it’s a killer!