robottype1There’s still plenty of time to enter the Moxyland short story competition. We’re running a competition to write a short story based in Lauren BeukesMoxyland world. The three winning entries will be published in Lauren’s next book, Zoo City (May 2010).

There have been a few entries already, but there’s always room for more!

Full details over at Authonomy – and if you haven’t yet read Moxyland, you can pick it up for just £4.99 from or read it for free online at Authonomy while the competition is live! We’re like the Ambassador handing out the Ferrero Roche!

Oh, and we’re basking in the love of Eoin Purcell at the moment, who writes:

I’d be hard pressed to find an issue with this project… It’s not just that Harper are embracing Fan Fiction and encouraging it even, but they have added real value to Authonomy by doing this. They have used clever cross platform tools to bring a really worthwhile competition to the Authonomy community and have, I think, created one of the most compelling and engaging promotions so far this year. All told, praise if deserved.

Awww, shucks!

Meanwhile, over at the Never Too Serious blog, the reviewer states that:

I LOVED ‘Moxyland’. It is original, fast-paced, and bloody good fun, filled with awesome characters that I really wanted to spend more time reading about, and is full of brilliantly-observed details of a society in the not-too-distant future that is both fantastically different, but worryingly familiar… I couldn’t recommend ‘Moxyland’ highly enough.

Head on over to read the full review.