conventioncenterYes, we’re at Anticipation, the fabulous 2009 Science Fiction Worldcon, held in the convention centre here in the sunny city of Montreal, Canada. The Angry Robot crew are here in force – as well as Lee and yrs trly, we have Kaaron Warren, Lauren Beukes, Colin Harvey and latest signing Aliette de Bodard. And also, it seems, a legion of admiring followers. Thanks to everyone who has made us so welcome here already.

colin&robotAnd double thanks to everyone who made it to the first Angry Robot Worldcon Party. It was a blast. First, we had a real live Angry Robot. Look, there he is, cheerfully insulting Colin Harvey. Massive cheers to Steve who brought along Angstrom the Angry Robot, and allowing him to demonstrate that even the angriest of robots can be great fun. In short, hell yes we had a real talking, moving, gag-making, song-murdering robot at our party. We rock.

Lee, Colin & LaurenSecond, well, it’s true, we got busted by the Man and were told to shut down the party… because the Con organisers had allocated us a party room on a non-party floor. Er yeah, real helpful. Bit of a cock-up on the common sense front there, people. But huzzah to everyone at our do, who just grabbed a couple of bottles each and relocated us to another room. (Extra thanks to new Robot friends, the Tor crew, for volunteering use of their room.) In the end, it just brought us to a whole new crowd of happy people, and gave Angstrom a new audience for his increasingly wild responses. Thanks to all, though.

To my biggest fan, what do you see? He he. Love Kaaron.And finally to close tonight with another reason to celebrate, we just learned that ChrisBook of SecretsRoberson won the Sidewise Award for alternate history earlier tonight, for his fine Solaris novel The Dragon’s Nine Sons. Congratulations, Mr R, very well deserved.


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