Ms AlietteThe recent news that Angry Robot has signed up Aliette de Bodard for her debut novel, and a couple more to follow, was acclaimed across the white-hot core of the SF industry. The movers and shakers at the very heart of things know her from a selection of perfectly poised, finely machined short stories. But for those of you who have yet to make her acquaintance, here’s a clutch of ideas to help:

1) Get to know her – and get much more information on the upcoming AR novels – courtesy Marshall Payne’s thorough interview over at Bibliophile Stalker.

2) Read some of Aliette’s stories for free, right now, on her own website.

3) For the very latest Aliette news, including the revelation that she missed out on winning the Campbell by three (!!) votes, and links to some more recent stories, see her lively blog.

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