You know, for a science fiction convention, there has been a distinct lack of robots at WorldCon. Good job, then, that we decided to bring our own.

Angstrom the Angry Robot has had his anger chip removed, though as part of a mad experiment, and we have installed a gigolo chip installed, instead. This is him chatting with author Lauren Beukes at the tremendous Angry Robot party at WorldCon in Montreal last night.

Lauren left the party early, and coincidentally, Angstrom left a discreet 10 minutes later. No insinuations – just sayin’…

We had enormous fun at the party with the robot, and you’ll see a few more clips over the coming weeks. Immense thanks to Steve, who chauffered the robot from his cyber-lair in Toronto, and did a fantastic job helping to keep our guests entertained. Head over to Steve and the robot’s home (they’re just good friends) over at Robot Promotions.


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