Aliette-bw_pic-webFor French writer Aliette de Bodard, it was just  another of those annoying airport delays that plague us all from time to time. But it turned out to be just the break she needed.

Forced to spend an extra day in Canada at Calgary airport on her way back from the World Fantasy Convention last November, she fell in with a couple of cheery Brits. They got talking, and the pair mentioned they were setting up a new publishing imprint, and a new literary agency respectively. After no little persuasion, Aliette revealed that she, too, was in the writing game, and following a few well-received short stories had been working on her debut novel. A few months later, like the plot of a Hollywood movie, she’s proud to announce she has a deal with both of them – with the novels represented by new literary agency Zeno, and to be published by new HarperCollins-funded imprint Angry Robot.

For the full story, check out the press release, here.

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