moxyyland-front-72dpi-actualThat’s Toby on the left of the group shot on the cover of Moxyland. He’s a roguish slacker, living off his mother, while streamcasting his daily blog direct from his jacket, made from smartfabric. His jacket is the camera, and it is always on and broadcasting. What a twat.

A great idea? Definitely. Science fiction? Oh, yes. Impossible? Well, not so much… (and very soon not so sci-fi, which is kind of the point of the book).

MIT researchers developed light-detecting fibers that could eventually be woven into a “fabric camera.” Instead of counting on a single lens, the new system would use a web of the fibers as a distributed imaging surface. Imagine a shirt where the entire back is a “camera.”

This isn’t just similar to Toby’s coat, this is Toby’s coat!

Head on over to boingboing for more details. Well, when we link, we like to link to the best!

Also Moxy-related, there’s a great review of the book over at  Stomping on Yeti (They don’t deserve it but that doesn’t make it any less fun).

Moxyland truly is a Jackson Pollack of ideas, rather than of color. The ideas are everywhere; more often than not intermingling in unpredictable but interesting ways. Cell phones for example, become more than communication devices, becoming wallets, game devices, security keys, and even behavior modifiers… Make no mistake; Moxyland is a work of art.

4.5 out of 5


  1. Love the idea of this book. I’m def going to get a copy! Cheers, Robots.

  2. You bastard, I was going to blog that.

    Also, all things considered, I think MIT should give me one to beta-test, you know, having totally nicked my idea from a fictional universe and transmuted it into reality.

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