angry-robotA lot of people are talking about / blogging about Angry Robot, and our first collection of books, so we’d like to highlight one or two.

Over at The Fiction Desk they’re running a new regular feature covering publisher websites, and their accessibility/useability.

If you do find your way to the site, it’s a pretty good design. The primary feature is the blog, which is a great example of a publisher blog: regular posts with a combination of their own news, publishing insights, and genre chatter…

They have a few reservations about the navigation system, but are generally very positive (they even emailed with some very useful techie stuff after I commented on their post).

Meanwhile, over at Luke Reviews, Luke is getting very excited by our forthcoming collection (as well he should – we’ve been living with the books for months and we’re still excited!)

Angry Robot Books, an imprint of HarperCollins, is going to be a big deal.

We agree.

Head on over to both sites and see what else they have to say.