MG, AR's EDWhen Memesis Virtualis asked Angry Robot’s head honcho Marc “Marco” Gascoigne to talk about some of our new titles, he was a little shy, at least at first. He’s always been a bit of an introvert, you see, but the promise of a free Cadbury Wispa and a half of Stella soon brought the bashful little petal out of his shell.

Damn, this is such fun, and to be honest we keep chuckling maniacally as we contemplate all the reactions we’re going to get when our range hits the streets.

Head on over to Memesis Virtualis for the full picture.

This is the oneMeanwhile, there are more insights into just what the hell we’re playing at in the latest issue of fabulous Brit genre magazine SciFi Now – in the form of a full page of, yes, Him Again, discussing our strategies for total global domination through the simple medium of putting out a few damn good books.

Available on all good newsstands, issue 27 is the one you want (or want to avoid.)