moxylaptopsmThis little fellah goes by the name of Moxy.

It’s a bit of a stretch to suggest that he’s the star of Moxyland (though we’d never tell him that to his face – he may look cute, but just look at those teeth!) but he’s certainly an important part of the book.

Moxy was made by a women’s collective in his native South Africa, and we believe he hopped into the cargo hold on a commercial flight some weeks later.

The thing about Moxy, though, is that he’s virtual. He’s a digital character. He lives within a game designed for children. And being digital, he’s rather easy to duplicate. We got to the office early this morning, only to find him sat atop the photocopier, making digital copies of himself.

So now we’ve a dozen or so. A good job we got to work when we did, otherwise there may well have been tribble-level trouble, so now we’ve changed the PIN on the photocopier, and we’re going to dispose of his clone brothers over the next month or so, part of competition prizes, perhaps, or simply by offering them up for adoption. Then again, maybe we’ll just unravel their stitches and tear out the stuffing! Bwahahahahaaaa!


The best thing about Moxy, though? He’s part of Moxyland by Lauren Beukes – one of our two launch titles. So, although we’re not planning on keeping his copies around for very much longer, Moxy himself will always remain part of our office.

Just look at him, below, reading his story to his devoted other selves. You’d never suspect his homicidal tendencies, just by looking at him, would you?

Awwww, bless… 🙂



  1. Oh Marco, didn’t I tell you not to feed him after midnight?

    But seriously, look, the South African govt doesn’t take kindly to outsiders tampering with unlicensed bio-gengineered animals, so do try to be a * little * more discreet with your Moxies, won’t you? And hustle them off to good homes (and hopefully not litigious ones) asap.

  2. … and that was just as disturbing as it sounds…

  3. Yup. I very nearly had all eleven of the delightful little f… fellows sat on my face, when the phone went. You probably saved my life, mate.

  4. Ahh, so that’s what you were doing when I called!! I wondered what all the giggling was about……

  5. Very cool. My wife wants one to add to her Ugly Doll collection. I just want a copy of the book.

  6. He was made by the Montagu Sew & Sews, a women’s sewing group working in an impoverished region of Cape Town, the Klein Karoo.

    They’re very limited but as you’ve seen we have a nice little clutch of the critters, and we’ll be giving them away to our website of the month winners, the writers of the best (not necessarily most favourable) reviews of our stuff and just people we lurve. Or you can get more details on ordering one direct from Lauren’s own Moxyland website.

  7. He’s great – very alarming. Who were the collective that made him? Or am I confusing back story with, er, manufacturing information? 🙂

  8. You’re lucky you don’t work with some of the people I know, that’s all I can say. If you did, you’d be having to give drunk people’s arses away as prizes.

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