was set up to help advise libraries of all types develop their horror fiction (in part to help reluctant readers) and to encourage horror fans to expand their interests beyond movies and TV. The site recently reviewed Tim Waggoner’s rather excellent Nekropolis and had this to say:

Nekropolis would be a great addition to any library. Fans of the paranormal will also enjoy timwaggoner-picNekropolis, as it crosses several genres.

Monster Librarian also interviewed Tim about the book.

I always loved weird stories anything with elements that spark my imagination. So while in a sense I recognize that I do write in different publishing genres, in one sense, I only write in a single artistic genre: the Stuff Tim Thinks is Cool. That said, I often gravitate toward the darker side of weird, so I tend to till the fields of horror or darker fantasy more often than not.

Read what else he had to say.