Book of Secrets - August UK, October USThat headline pretty much says it all. We were delighted to learn that Angry Robot author Chris Roberson has been nominated for the prestigious award for excellence in alternate history, for his fine Chinese-in-space SF novel The Dragon’s Nine Sons. Coincidentally, that book was published by Solaris, Marco’s old stamping ground, and whose new boss, George Mann is also nominated (hey George). The winner will be announced at the upcoming SF Worldcon, Anticipation, to be held in Montreal in August. And then we can all get hammered at the Angry Robot launch party. Of which more anon.

Meanwhile, the frenzy of anticipation grows ever louder around his AR debut, Book of Secrets. Praise be to our own Chris, who came up with the killer line, “It’s like Angels & Demons – only with real angels and demons,” and thanks to the recent Dan Brown news, interest in it has gone even higher. Here’s the first look at the cover. Nope, not a spaceship in sight.

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