sfsignal-biglogo00We are thrilled – nay, delighted – to announce the first Angry Robot Site of the Month.

The Site of the Month is awarded to the website that fulfils our distinctly random criteria for the month, or one which we just think is plain excellent. Our criteria for choosing is likely to change month-on-month, and is largely dependant on how we feel at the time.

Our first Site of the Month is SF Signal.

An excellent mix of news, reviews and features, SF Signal is clearly one of the go-to sites for interesting snippets, when you’re stuck at work with little to do except… well, work, I guess.

SF Signal will be receiving a couple of cool prizes as soon as Postie delivers them. We’ll not tell you what they are – head on over to www.SFsignal.com over the next week or two, in case they post pictures of the prizes, then bookmark the site (or add it to your RSS feed) – we’re convinced you’ll want to return.

So, congratulations to the SF Signal team – your prizes will be heading your way, soon.