nekropolis-rough30cm-72dpiTim Waggoner’s Nekropolis, as many of you know, was originally published in novella form (as “Necropolis”, with a hero called Matthew Adrion rather than Matt Richter) back in 2004, before being picked up by Angry Robot, and expanded to full novel-length as the first part of a new series.

Bewildering Stories reviewed the original book, and (unsurprisingly) rather liked it, describing is as “a classic” (their italics, not ours).

Tim Waggoner’s book surely features one of the most unusual heroes in the detective genre. Matthew Adrion is the ex-cop who doggedly followed a perp into the shadowy realm of Necropolis. He got his man, but he fell afoul of a Darklord in the process, and now he hangs half in and half out of life, a decaying zombie. He can’t go back to Earth, of course, but old habits die hard. Matthew’s still doing what a cop does best, and Necropolis being what it is, there are plenty of folks who need a knight in shining armor, even if he’s getting a little over-ripe and scabrous in the face.

If you want to get a head start on this highly entertaining series, pop over to the Bewildering Stories website for the full review.