spacewoolWe are absolutely delighted to announce our first truly crossover novel. We’re a huge fan of the crossover, and have been working hard behind the scenes to bring you something truly special and innovative. Something that will make other publishers think Why didn’t I think of that?

Novels that cross genre boundaries are not new, but with the release of Perl One (1 December, 2009) we’re not just crossing genres, we’re crossing media! Perl One is a space opera, huge in scope, with one big difference – it’s a “knit your own adventure”.

It can be read front-to back as a standard novel (and what a great novel it is!) but the truly innovative part is that the bottom 20% of every page is set aside for knitting instructions (in a mid-grey font so as not to detract from the prose). As the knitter completes each page, another clue is revealed within their fabric, and by halfway through, the knitter is able to influence the outcome of the story by choosing to knit one here, drop a stitch there, etc. There really has been nothing like this in fiction, ever!

The beauty of the format is that non-knitters can read the story like a straightforward novel (set on the asteroid Perl One, a renegade supersoldier must be brought to justice), and will lose nothing of the vitality of the story. Knitters, however, will get the added bonus of reading the first science fiction novel ever written with them in mind!

Perl One will be available to pre-order from May, and the sequel – The Needle of Axos – will be published by Angry Robot in mid-2010.


  1. I think you’re underestimating the real potential of this, particularly in the craft geek genus of reader. I would totally buy this book. And then learn to knit. And then end up with a horribly lopsided woolly spaceship with plot holes aplenty.

  2. Lee, spray-cans and SF? 🙂 Hehehehe I cannot even imagine the sights and sounds after accidentally inhaling…!

  3. Bah, you guys had me going there. I should have known, with a sequel name like that.

    I think this and the Gmail Autopilot features were the only two gags that got me. Congrats, guys!

  4. April Fool gag? Surely not…

    Don’t forget to look out for our next cross-media promotion, due out next May – SprayBooks (TM). Simply spray the tinned paint across any large surface, and watch the words appear…

    *whistles innocently*

  5. Hehehe April Fool anyone? 🙂 Or maybe not, I don’t know. C’mon Lee, Marco, spill the beans! Is this real?

  6. Bah. Sounds like a book for knit-snobs. Where’s the respect due to cross-stiching?

  7. I… er… wow. Is it going to teach you how to knit as well, or is it going to be for a more advanced knitter?

  8. It’s House of Leaves meets Good Housekeeping!

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