Obama won the US election - thanks in part to a Robot
Obama won the US election - thanks in part to a Robot
So good morning Mr. President…

After a relatively sleepless night watching the votes come in, it’s heartening to know that some super-university geeks contributed to Obama’s cause by building a Robot version of him:

It crawled down the Turlington Plaza pavement Tuesday afternoon, clenching its iron fists and beaming its blue eyes at everyone in its path.

ObamaBot, a nearly 6-foot-tall, student-made robot, drew a crowd of followers in its wake like a marching band conductor on wheels, waving its android arms with Barack Obama campaign posters from side to side in response to the remote control held by one of its creators.

“This is the first phase in demonstration robots,” said Bryan Hood, an electrical and mechanical engineering junior, who thought of the project a month ago. “The long-run goal is to have robotic marches on Washington,” Hood said.

Nice to see Robotics never loses its optimistic nature – the gang see a vision of change in America for their creation:

“We all know that robots represent change and the future,” he said. “Potentially, we can have a lot of them, much more so than ourselves. Maybe in another four years, we’ll deploy a bunch of these and campaign everywhere.”