It’s almost time for World Fantasy Con, the best little convention we ever did attend. This year we have the rare treat of a trip to Calgary, Canada, for a few days of chat, beer, reunions, beer, panels, beer, beer and some drinking too. Attending this year for Angry Robot will be Marc G, AR Publishing Director, and Chris Michaels, the official HarperCollins special publishing strategy and future mad ideas genius guy (no really; he has to have a special fold-out business card and everything).

If you’re attending, come and say hi, sell us a couple of books, look us square in the eye and deny our powers are only being used for good. If you’re not, hell, what’s your sorry-ass excuse? Jack in your sucky job, put the kids in hock for a week, get there by paddle steamer or floatplane or huskies or kayak but get there. Aaaanyway, we’ll be in from Thursday October 30th and shipping out mid-Monday November 3rd, so track us down.